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Journal Articles by T. Uslu

Driller C., Koch M., Schmidt M., Weiland C., Hörnschemeyer T., Hickler T., Abrami G., Ahmed S., Gleim R., Hemati W., Uslu T., Mehler A., Pachzelt A., Rexhepi J., Risse T., Schuster J., Kasperek G., and Hausinger A.
Workflow and Current Achievements of BIOfid, an Information Service Mobilizing Biodiversity Data from Literature Sources

Biodiversity Information Science and Standards, 2, 2018

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Conference Papers

Baumartz D., Uslu T., and Mehler A.
LTV: Labeled Topic Vector

Proceedings of {COLING 2018}, the 27th International Conference on Computational Linguistics: System Demonstrations, August 20-26 (accepted), The COLING 2018 Organizing Committee, 2018

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Uslu T. and Mehler A.
PolyViz: a Visualization System for a Special Kind of Multipartite Graphs

Proceedings of the IEEE VIS 2018 (accepted), 2018

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Uslu T., Mehler A., Baumartz D., Henlein A., and Hemati W.
fastSense: An Efficient Word Sense Disambiguation Classifier

Proceedings of the 11th edition of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, May 7 - 12 (accepted), 2018

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Hemati W., Mehler A., and Uslu T.
CRFVoter: Chemical Entity Mention, Gene and Protein Related Object recognition using a conglomerate of CRF based tools

BioCreative V.5. Proceedings, 2017

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