BIOfid interacts with the biodiversity research community in various ways. On the one hand, BIOfid supports researchers with additional services beyond our core services. On the other hand, BIOfid also relies on the support of researchers, for example by suggesting acquisitions, expressing opinions or participating in our workshops and surveys.

The following offers currently exist or are in preparation:

  • a Calendar of Conferences and Congresses which provides an overview of the most important upcoming biodiversity meetings, conferences and congresses;
  • Workshops in which scientists can learn how to use text-mining tools and participate in the further development of the FID, among other things;
  • an online form for Book suggestions with which proposals for the purchase of publications on biodiversity or for the licensing of electronic databases can be submitted in an uncomplicated way.

We would also like to point out the offerings of related specialised information services that are also funded by the DFG and may be of interest to biodiversity research:

  • FID Karten - e.g. with the possibility of having historical maps digitised for one's own research project;
  • FID Geowissenschaften with digitised geological maps, including digitisation-on-demand or further map sheets;
  • FID Pharmazie with PubPharm - e.g. with powerful search functions that also cover subject areas such as medicinal plants or parasitology.