Publications of the BIOfid team

Journal Articles by A. Lücking

Driller C., Koch M., Abrami G., Hemati W., Lücking A., Mehler A., Pachzelt A., and Kasperek G.
Fast and Easy Access to Central European Biodiversity Data with BIOfid

Biodiversity Information Science and Standards, 2020

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Conference Papers

Abrami G., Mehler A., Lücking A., Rieb E., and Helfrich P.
TextAnnotator: A flexible framework for semantic annotations

Proceedings of the Fifteenth Joint ACL - ISO Workshop on Interoperable Semantic Annotation, (ISA-15), 2019

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Helfrich P., Rieb E., Abrami G., Lücking A., and Mehler A.
TreeAnnotator: Versatile Visual Annotation of Hierarchical Text Relations

Proceedings of the 11th edition of the Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, May 7 - 12, 2018

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