BIOfid Publications and Conference Contributions


Pachzelt A., Kasperek G., Lücking A., Abrami G., and Driller C.
Semantic Search in Legacy Biodiversity Literature: Integrating data from different data infrastructures

Biodiversity Information Science and Standards, 5, e74251, 2021

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Abrami G., Henlein A., Lücking A., Kett A., Adeberg P., and Mehler A.
Unleashing annotations with TextAnnotator: Multimedia, multi-perspective document views for ubiquitous annotation

Proceedings of the Seventeenth Joint ACL - ISO Workshop on Interoperable Semantic Annotation (ISA-17), 2021

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Lücking A., Driller C., Stoeckel M., Abrami G., Pachzelt A., and Mehler A.
Multiple Annotation for Biodiversity: Developing an annotation framework among biology, linguistics and text technology

Language Resources and Evaluation (forthcoming), 2021